USSVI Scholarship for Academic year 2018-2019





"The 2018-2019 Academic Year Scholarship application package has been posted on the Website and may be downloaded. The Scholarship page is found by clicking the Charitable Fund section, then Scholarship Tab, Then Application Tab - all located on the left side of the home page of USSVI.ORG.


The three documents located in the Scholarship Application page must be downloaded. Interested sponsors and applicants are encouraged to read through the instruction and procedure document followed by the application form and then the guidance pages to ensure they understand the process and the due dates for the submissions and supporting documentation.


Robert E. Frick, RDML USN (Ret), SS Holland

Chairman USSVI Scholarship Program


Defensive driving, the invisible rider...

I use the invisible rider scenario as my rule to ride by. It has not failed me yet and I don't expect it will. There is a special bond between the rider and the bike. Everyone sees your bike when it is parked and everyone sees you when you are not on your bike. There is a strange chemistry that occurs when you get on your bike. Once on your bike, you and the bike become invisible. If you realize that and ride like that, you will be much safer. The person looking directly at you at the intersection doesn't see you even though it looks that way, remember you are invisible. The person you have almost passed doesn't see you because you are invisible and they WILL pull over with you in the lane. Ride like no one can see you and you will learn to expect the unexpected. This saved my butt a few times in the last two weeks, especially riding in the rain. I don't get pissed when they do it because I know I am invisible and getting pissed won't fix anything.

As a rider we also have a responsibility, don't rely on your vampire mirrors, cars are like vampires and won't show up in them and when you pull out to pass, they will be there. If you aren't turning your head to look you are relying on your vampire mirrors too much.

It does no one any good to be right and dead!!! Ride safe and live to ride again.....


The Rides of Silent Service Motorcycle Club

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